Bookcover of Unchipped Kaarina by Taya Devere

Welcome to a future where a single chip can give you everything… except for freedom.

Finland 2089. Two years after the Great Affliction, Kaarina lives alone in the hayloft of an old horse barn, tucked away in the Finnish forest.

Thanks to her malfunctioning brain chip, a comfortable life in the new and beautiful City of Finland remains out of Kaarina’s reach. Lonely, scared, and hungry, she would give anything to fit into society again—even if it means ignoring all the red flags the Happiness Program raises.

But when her beloved horse falls gravely ill, Kaarina must put her fears aside and march straight into the AR-city, with its glow of holograms, tile roads, and endless billboards advertising the latest happiness pill.

While begging strangers for help, Kaarina asks too many questions and snoops in the wrong corners—and quickly becomes a red flag herself.

But instead of punishing her, Doctor Solomon, the leader of the Happiness Program and the world’s most powerful woman, promises Kaarina a second chance… as long as Kaarina ignores the horrifying truth tucked away in the depths of City of Finland.