Bookcover of Unchipped Kaarina by Taya Devere

Welcome to a future where a single chip can give you everything… except for freedom.

In 2088, there are worse places to live than a damp, moldy hayloft.

Darker locations than the Finnish woods.

Worse things than being alone, surrounded by animal-killing castaways Kaarina would rather be damned than join.

The Happiness Program was supposed to save Kaarina from The Great Affliction. But instead, it made her one of its victims. Abandoned by the rest of humanity, Kaarina lives just outside the City of Finland with its augmented reality, a world that is closed to her.

She was supposed to be one of the lucky ones. A participant in the government’s new Happiness Program. Working in the Server-Center, plugged into the Chip-System for eight hours a day. Until her damaged brain refused the chip.

An outcast and an underdog, one of the Unchipped, Kaarina will soon be the most wanted rebel in the world.