For the Unchipped, nowhere is truly safe…

Bill is one of the lucky few.  While the Chipless and other Unchipped near the City of California scavenge for food and risk being shot, Bill’s spent the last two years at the Mansion—a haven for a select few of the Unchipped who design products to be sold in the green city.  He’s safe—unlike his friend Kaarina, an Unchipped woman leading a revolution on the other side of the world whom he’s inexplicably connected to.

Now CEO of the Mansion, he’s haunted by the single act of violence that earned him the unprecedented promotion and torn between his options.  While life at the Mansion has become increasingly problematic, danger lies beyond its protective gates, and a carefree existence inside the City of California remains mysterious, intriguing, but most of all, unattainable.

Then he discovers the trailer outside the fence.  Forced to make an impossible choice, Bill soon realizes he may have been wrong about everything.

–Coming September 18th 2020–