Omnibus 2: CHIPPED

The Program was supposed to save humanity. So why is everything falling apart?

As Dr. Solomon struggles with her wavering sanity and her need to reconnect with her long-lost daughter, everything she has created stands on the brink of ruin. Even her top subordinates are questioning her judgment, and the violence with which she has built and maintained her authority.

The CFU, or Chipped for Unchipped, are raising an underground army to resist her rule. Even her second-in-command is plotting against her, organizing a coup d’etat. She thought her Happiness-Program could be used to build a better world, but instead it’s teetering on the edge of annihilation.

What none of them know is that Dr. Solomon has a back-up plan, a way to transform defeat into unlimited power. All she needs to do is be willing to let go – to say goodbye to the limitations of the human body and embrace the power of the Egg.