Taya DeVere Signing books

Taya is a mix of a bubbly and stubborn personality trapped in an old, sad soul. She believes there’s something extraordinary in each being, that no-one is too small or insignificant to deserve a second chance in life.

Taya’s chaotic identity took a hit when her father suddenly died. Clawing her way up from the murky hole his death created forced her to face the facts of being tangled in toxic relationships, and depression that had a violent hold on her muddled mind.

Taya wanted to be whole again. Her restless feet and burning passion for animals lead to leaving her home in Finland, and to accepting a working student job at a horse farm in Hereford, England. Long hours, hard physical labor, and countless nasty bunions ruined her body—but was Xanax for her soul.

To further her career in dressage, Taya moved to America, and lived in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California. Each mile traveled, she felt healthier, more independent, strong.

She didn’t need another person to make things happen for her, to heal. Living free was all she needed. And just then, when she least wanted for it, she found a being whose heart loved the same way as hers did.

For years Taya and her little menagerie traveled. Struggle was no stranger in their life, but not a day went by without laughter and a new piece of experience to grow and learn from.

After living through 1001 bizarre tales, Taya returned to Finland to take a breather from her shenanigans and to finish her Borderline novel series.