Taya DeVere Signing books

(Interview for a short story book “Women Like You and Me” — 2016)

  1.  Tell us who you are and where you live.

My name is Teija DeVere and I currently live in my home town Kaarina, Finland. Since 2009 I’ve lived in Hereford UK and in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and California, USA. My burning love for horses and my dressage work took our little furry family (my husband and I have a horse, a pony, one dog and three pet bunnies) around the continent. We recently counted that we’ve moved 11 times since the year 2010.

  1.  We read “Sleeps with Fishes” in the book “Women Like you and Me”.  What happened after that ?

After our interesting and nerve wracking travels to the East Coast, we stayed at Martha’s Vineyard over the winter and later on lived in Portland Maine. My husband built a wooden boat and I continued to fill my days with horsey smell and kept working as a Copywriter.

  1. People who write are often “arty” people – is this the case with you ?

I am a leftie but that’s about as “arty” as I get. I haven’t painted since kinder garden and the only thing I can draw is a cute, cartoon squirrel. I also kill all house plants (if I touch them for some reason – that is) but our animals have always been shiny and healthy.

  1. What are your aims and aspirations now ?

I’ve been working on writing books of my travels and life in general. I’m hoping my days will remain nice and boring since my return to Finland. My newest book is  going to be nice and hefty as a rock. I’ve been busy.

  1. You have travelled a fair bit. Which is your favourite place and why ?

My favorite place is always where my horse Arabella is. Right now she is staying in Wells, Maine until her travels to Finland next year. I’ve lived in so many barns and horse facilities, it seems unnatural to fall asleep without hearing movement of hooves or the ponies nickering their goodnight wishes. My favorite bedroom was in Hereford UK. The room was built straight above the horse stalls.

  1. Tell us about the things you love or dislike the most.

I love my animals, my husband, my family and friends, all the memories I’ve made, all the mistakes made to learn from. I also love licorice ice cream, second hand clothes and things, bunny sneezes and Strongbow -cider.

I dislike clowns, the Muppets, Moomin trolls, dolls (especially porcelain dolls), human size mascots and celery.

  1. Do you have a favourite author ?  

The Finnish author Anna-Leena Härkönen makes me laugh. She is always a bit too honest and her humor a step too far from the norms.

  1. When you write does it flow easily for you, or do you pen out rough copies first ?

I’ve always been terrible at editing my own text. I simply write the story that’s on my mind, send it to my editor and hope for the best.

  1. Any tips you could give ?

Never take on a job or a project which doesn’t inspire you.

  1. Tell us something surprising about you.

For a person who has traveled a lot and lived in several different places – I have absolutely no sense of direction. The other day I took our dog Seamus on a walk in the woods. Just for laughs I decided to try out a new path around our little neighborhood forest. We ended up wandering around in pouring rain for 45 minutes until I was able to find a familiar road – 2 kilometers away from our house.