The sleepers are waking, one by one. But who is waking them?

Jovan and Luna are running out of time. They have only thirty days to make Project Green Gates work, convincing the Chipped to abandon their dying society and return to a more natural way of life. If they don’t succeed, Ef and his team have a plan of their own… a plan that frankly terrifies them.

The trouble is, Luna doesn’t believe in Project Green Gates. She’s finally Chipped, and she wants to see what the technology can do for her. She wants to track down Margaret, the most brilliant hacker in the world. She wants to find another way.

As for Jovan, he’s distracted. The Dechipping injury on the back of his head refuses to heal. His headaches and sleepwalking just won’t stop. And he has a mystery to solve.

Someone is waking up the people in the stasis capsules, letting them out into the world without the medical attention they’ll need if they want to survive. He’s not sure it’s not a serial killer.

He’s not sure it isn’t him.