Book 3: ENYD

Is she doing God’s work, or something far more sinister?

Safely hidden behind a high fence that shields it from the rest of the world, Kinship Care provides a safe haven for children from City of England. Kinship Care is supported by the Happiness-Program… but there’s a catch. To keep the food shipments coming, program director Enyd must provide fraudulent “proof” of the plague ravaging the city—photos of children suffering—to deter those tempted to leave the program.

It’s been easy enough with a sinner like Ava, the only Unchipped child at Kinship Care, who keeps violating the rules by trying to contact her mother. Surely God would approve of the relatively mild punishments Ava has brought upon herself.

But now they want more.  More shocking material. More pain. More punishment. More proof to show the good people in the city what it’s like for those who defy the program. How far will Enyd go before she says enough?