Book 4: LUNA

They want her talent. She wants her life.

Luna lives in a run-down old farmhouse outside City of Serbia, her only companions the alcoholic Reverend Marić and a constantly growing pack of half-feral dogs. As one of the last Unchipped still alive in the area, she lives by her wits as a hacker and thief.

When a spy from the City exposes her presence there, Luna is offered a choice: see her life destroyed or find the rebels who have been giving the Chipped so much trouble.

It isn’t a question of whether she can do it – Luna is the best, and if she starts to look for them then the rebels are doomed. But all she wants to do is to live a peaceful life, surrounded by her dogs and her books. Then she meets Jovan, the strangely gentle man she suspects of having betrayed her to the Chipped. Can Luna trust her new friend… or is his kindness a trap?