In a war-torn world, they’ve found their sanctuary… if not for those bodies in the basement.

The rebels against the Happiness-Program have finally found a place to hide, an abandoned resort in Iceland complete with a luxury hotel. Everything would be perfect here if not for their memories, haunting them each in different ways.

For Bill, it’s the friend he left behind in California… not knowing whether she’s alive or dead. For Luna, it’s the man from City of Serbia, inviting her to give up on the rebellion and return home to him. For Ava it’s the woman who used to take care of her, and who she expects to hear from any day.

For rebel leader Kaarina, it’s the need for revenge… and the basement of the hotel may give her the opportunity. Because the basement contains four stasis capsules, and the unconscious bodies of four men and women… the founders of the Happiness-Program.

If they can wake up the founders, the rebels could finally be free forever. They could strike a blow against the enemy, turning the tide in the ongoing war. But waking up the all-but-dead can have unforeseen consequences…