Omnibus 1: UNCHIPPED

Humanity is destroying itself as the cities burn. It is the time of the Great Affliction.

Neighbors, lovers, or strangers – it no longer matters, as everyone is turning against everyone else. In some places, mass shootings. In others, mass suicides. As the world’s so-called leaders flee to the safety of their hidden billionaire villages, what’s left of the human race has become estranged and paranoid.

In this terrible world, a new hope arises: The Happiness-Program, creation of Finnish pharmaceutical genius Dr. Laura Solomon. With happiness-pills, mind mapping, and microchips, Dr. Solomon intends to build a new world for the worthy few.

Unfortunately for the Happiness-Program, not everyone can be Chipped successfully. For those known as the Unchipped, the only option is resistance, or a life under the control of the arrogant Dr. Solomon. Led by Kaarina, a young woman from City of Finland, the rebels will seek to escape the Happiness-Program and look for a second chance at life.