Omnibus 3: DECHIPPED

Their resources are dwindling. Hope is fading. Desperation will lead them to a new reality.

With the Happiness-Program now under the firm control of the sinister Nurse Saarinen, the rebels have one last hope: to become Dechipped, removing the tech on which the Happiness-Program depends.

Unfortunately for them, the procedure goes wrong, and a vicious drone attack destroys their hideout. Waking up in cyberspace with the disembodied Dr. Solomon, they find themselves in a mysterious space known only as the Egg.

As they struggle to stay focused on their war to destroy the Happiness-Program, the rebels begin to question their own understanding of what is real and what is not. Despite these challenges, the rebels are soon only one step away from defeating their enemy.

Until Kaarina finds out the ugly truth about her past…