What if your plan to save humanity was corrupted… by your own daughter?

It’s 2085, the time of the Great Affliction. Continents are burning, land is disappearing, and humanity is destroying itself as mass shootings and suicides wipe out the population.

To Marjaana Salonen, the solution is found in high technology. By integrating the human brain with a sophisticated computer chip, she believes she can bring new hope to society. Her invention was supposed to fix it all, but Salonen’s daughter has her own ideas.

To Laura, her mother’s invention is an opportunity to impose her own vision on the world—the promise of a new reality that is far more sinister.

As her daughter’s power grows, Marjaana must decide: remain loyal to her family no matter what, or stand up against the future?

Welcome to the Happiness-Program. A future where a single chip can give you everything… except for freedom.